Request for quotation for Sangfor M5400 IAM

Dear Carlson, As per our conversation in the phone, Kindly provide me the quotation for the item listed including the services to install, commission, and support. For the commissioning and installation details, kindly… Continue reading

Good morning. Working on new tenders

We are working really hard for these tenders…. Thanks, Mohamad Aliff Mohd Sahimi, Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd.

Request for quotation

Dear Karen, It is a good experience talking to you thru the phone. As per your advise, this is the item that I need, Kindly advise me if the info is adequate or… Continue reading

: pictures of the ball valve…

Salam, Good day, Can you send us the 2” valves only? For the 2” 600#, it is okay. For the 2” 900#, what size problem ya? Stem size? ISO ,mounting flange? I wanna… Continue reading

Updates on some projects done today.

Salam Tuan, So that you know, Joseph Tan is hardly reached by phone call, thus an email was sent and he reads it at 12.30 just now, and yet to respond on the… Continue reading

Request for quotation for Meridium AIMS

Salam, It is good speaking to you on phone just now Mr Jaafar. As explained, Currently I am working for a project that is required by our client, which need the scope of… Continue reading

Requname is Aliff.est for Meridium Certified Oartner in Malaysia

Dear Mark Wise, My name is Aliff. I would like to get some information on the services provider of Meridium AIMS in Malaysia. Is there any certified partner here ? Thanks & Best… Continue reading

Quotation of RedMax 15 sf

Dear Vivid Team, As requested from your fax, here is the actuator quotation with certification and accessories for new installation. Look forward to your order confirmation. Thanks & Best Regards, Mohamad Aliff Mohd… Continue reading


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Originally Posted March 11, 2012 Who loves having extra cash in their pockets? I know I do! That’s why I try to save as much as possible…

Request for quotation REDMAX-15-SF

Oh, one more thing, In case you need to know the end user, it would be Talisman. Installed in offshore platform, Thailand. Thanks & Best Regards, Mohamad Aliff Mohd Sahimi, Dyna Segmen Sdn… Continue reading